ALTC Grant

The OVCA proudly supports Adult Learn-to-Curl programs all across our region.

For the purposes of the Adult Development Program (or "ALTC"):

  • A club may access a maximum of $1000 as per the following criteria:
    • A club has never had an ALTC program before and wishes to start a new one: eligible for $1000
    • A club has previously received a $500 ALTC grant from the OVCA : eligible for an additional $500 
    • A club has a "non-conforming" ALTC program, but wishes to bring its program in alignment with OVCA requirements: eligible for $1000
    • If a club has a "non-conforming" ALTC program, and does not wish to bring its program into alignment with OVCA requirements, it may receive a MAXIMUM of $500 under this grant program (i.e. it will not be able to access the full $1000).
  • A program "in alignment with OVCA requirements":
    • Attends the annual "Train-the-Trainer" seminar
    • Ensures OVCA visibility (i.e. promotes the contribution of the OVCA to its program and club members)
    • Operates a 10-week program
    • Has a plan for incorporating new curlers into its leagues and programs
    • Provides a year-end report to the Director of Development (new and converting programs ONLY)

If you have a file that has the information required for the grant, please attach it, and skip directly to the signature field.


If you did not attach a file, please fill out the sections below in full.

By signing this form you are attesting to the accuracy of the detail provided by you on your planned program.  You also agree to comply with the grant's criteria as set forth.