Thanks to Mother Nature for hitting us Friday night instead of Saturday and thanks to the dedicated curlers that dug out and made it to Kemptville for our third event of the season.

It was another exciting day of curling. Congratulations to Team Fleck from the Ottawa Curling Club for their A-Side victory over Team Doucette from NGCC. 

Congratulations to Team Roeterink for the B-Side win over Team Gillissie (and thanks to Team Gillissie for finding us and filling out our schedule for this event…I hope we see you back again).

We are working on another event to be held in  Metcalfe tentatively planned for Feb 24th.  We hope to organize a final event as well sometime in March. If you have a team interested in playing in the Feb 24th event please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The points standing is tightening up as follows:ovcacolts

 Doucette (NGCC)   36 
 Douma (Navy Curling)  30
 Crawford (Metcalfe CC)  27
 Roeterink (NGCC)  26
 Fleck (Ottawa CC)  22
 Sullivan  (NGCC)  22
 Allen  (Navy CC)  22
 Gillissie  (Sportplex)  9
 Winchester (Navy CC)  9

Thanks everyone and great curling!!