OVCA Webinar

August 10th @ 7pm

If you would like to participate to OVCA's Return-to-Play webinar, fill out and submit the form below.  Please add any questions you may have for our panel.  You will be able to send questions during the webinar as well.  

 Returning to Curling Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic 


Are you considering these questions? 

  • What challenges are curling clubs facing or likely to face as a result of the pandemic? 
  • What are the likely economic impacts to curling clubs? 
  • How can we best assure a safe and healthy environment in which to play? 


The OVCA presents a dialogue with industry experts (Steve Indig, Danny Lamoureux & Stephen Chenier) 

When: Monday, August 10, 2020 @ 7:00 pm 

1 Hour (7:00 – 8:00 pm) 


Steve Indig, Lawyer, Sport Law & Strategy Group 

Steve Chenier, Executive Director, CurlON 

Danny Lamoureux, Director Curling Club Development, Curling Canada  

Doug Kreviazuk, Moderator 

Agenda:  Please note that the session will be recorded and made available for general viewing at a later date. 

Introductory Remarks:  Moderator  


  • The business of curling during the pandemic: Highlighting the roles and responsibilities for curling clubs and managers (Steve Indig) 10 minutes 
  • The decision to open:  The decision to open for the 2020-21 season will be made by each individual club.  What each Board needs to consider before making this decision (Danny Lamoureux) 10 minutes 
  • Operating in 2020/21: What challenges are curling clubs likely to face this year and what they need to do to remain open and maintain a safe facility (Stephen Chenier) 10 minutes  

Q&A Session: (30 minutes) 

  • Given the heightened level of interest and the time limit of this session, attendees are asked to submit their questions in advance along with their registration below.