Ken Thain Award

The Ken Thain Award for Meritorious Service is presented to an individual who has contributed much to curling in an organizational or administrative way.

Nominations for Ken Thain Award are now OPEN until May 31st, 2021.

Ken Thain Award Policy and Nomination Form

Every year, the OVCA seeks to recognize one or more of its outstanding volunteers for their contribution to the growth and advancement of the game in the Ottawa Valley and Western Quebec.

You'll find the Award's policy and nomination form below.  When the call is made, consider nominating one of your outstanding volunteers for the highest honour given in the OVCA.

Ken Thain Award


RECIPIENTS (* - deceased)
2019-20 Lucy Ladouceur (Russell)
  Neil Dufour (Prescott)
  Ken Wyman (Smith Falls)
  David Johnston (Ottawa Hunt Club)
2018-19 Pierre and Helene Deslaurier (RCN)
  David Murdoch (Perth)
  Chris Knight (Deep River)
2017-18 Margo Burgess (RA)
  Joe Pavia (Hogline Proshop)
  Gerald Priestley (Eganville)
2016-17 Joan Semeniuk (RA)
  Colleen Martin (Richmond)
2015-16 Marc Bourguignon (RCMP)
  Tersh Doe (Manotick)
  Kelly MacNaull (Ottawa Hunt Club)
  Evans Harrison (Deep River)
  Ken Waterman (RC Navy)
2014-15 Bill White
  Kim Wilson (Lachute)
  Art McKay (Almonte)
  Ross Davie (Ottawa Hunt Club)
  Rick & Margaret Lomore (Pembroke)
2013-14  Dianne Corless (Smiths Falls)
   Jill Rivington (Huntley)
   Kevin Baker (Cornwall)
   Agnes McVeety (Smiths Falls)
   Kim Canary
2012-13  Anne Davis (Metcalfe)
  Dan Cogliati (Carleton Heights)
  Bob Day (Perth)
  Doug Sears (OVCA)
  Art Olson (Granite)
2003-04 Jim Young
2001-02 Liz Armstrong
2000-01 Marian Dupont
1998-99 Glen Sage*
1996-97 Bill Copping *
1993-94 Earl Rigby *
1992-93 Ken Murchison*
1991-92 John C. Smithson*
1990-91 Allan B. Reed*
1989-90 Bernard Brunt*
1988-89 W. F. Burt *
1987-88 Al Merrikin*
1986-87 Arthur Ward*
1983-84 Dr. Vic Prest*
1982-83 Ken Thain *
Who was Ken Thain?
Ken was a very fine curler in his own right, and curled competitively out of the Granite Curling Club. Following some health issues in 1977, he took on the role of Secretary Manager of the OVCA. He was very well respected and considered quite firm but fair. He served at a time when there was considerable acrimony among the parties to the now infamous Tripartite Agreement, i.e. the OVCA and the reluctant suitors--the Canadian Branch and the OCA. 
Quiet and serious Ken was a very personable and well liked individual yet had no trouble standing up for the "right answer" on any and all issues. Quite organized, he conducted the Association business efficiently and effectively and wore the "Green Jacket" proudly. He was someone to whom you could always turn for an answer.  
When he retired many people "in the system" felt there should be some sort of lasting recognition of his contribution to acknowledge his long, dedicated and meritorious service to the curling community.   He agreed reluctantly to the award and very graciously accepted the first one off the press.
From the Archives - History of the Ken Thain Award & Criteria for awarding the same.
An award was given by the Ottawa Valley Curling Association in 1983 to Mr. Kenneth B. Thain in appreciation for his work over many years in an administrative capacity as schedule and draw chairman and as Secretary-Manager of the O.V.C.A.
On his retirement from the latter position it was decided to honor him further by naming the award "The Ken Thain Award for Meritorius Service".
The Award in the form of a plaque was suitably re-worded and a pin was designed to go along with the plaque which the recipient could wear with pride. The first recipient of this new award was Dr. V.K. Prest of City View Curling Club for his work with Junior and Little Rock curlers.
The Award should be given to a person who has contributed much to curling in an organizing or administrative way, either as a member of a curling club or association operating under the jurisdiction of the Ottawa Valley Curling Association.
The Award should honor only one person each curling season and should be presented at some official gathering of 'the Association'.  The pins, which remain the property of the O.V.C.A., are to be numbered and a record kept of the recipients.

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