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Running a curling club is no easy feat. Cost control, changing government legislation, and member retention/recruitment all require time and knowledge. The OVCA is committed to providing clubs and centres with information, training, and ideas to make the job easier.

Content relating to the 2016 Brier funding consultation process

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The OVCA, in conjunction with the OCA and Curling Canada, host "Business of Curling" seminars that provide information and best practices to interested clubs.  This information can help clubs promote themselves, gain and retain members, and provide ideas for new areas of club revenue growth.

You'll find information from past seminars, and details about upcoming seminars.

The OVCA is committed to helping its member clubs and centers.  Whether through our Development Fund, help in hosting competitive events, or financial assistance with youth programs, the OVCA can help your club grow and thrive.


Information on legislation and other Government intervention that may affect curling clubs and centres

Not-for-Profit legislation is changing in Ontario, and this will affect how curling clubs and centres do their business.  We'll keep you up to date here with relevant information and guidance.  NOTE - The articles referenced on this site are opinions and don't constitute legal advice or court-recognized interpretations of the law.  The framework in whi these are written changes rapidly, so each one is current only as of the date of publication.  Please consult with a lawyer before proceding with any potential action.

Information about Canada's new Anti-Spam legslation, which came into force July 1, 2014.

***NOTE - articles and links presented here are for INFORMATION PURPOSES only and are not to be considered legal advice.  The OVCA does not provide any guarantee on the information contained herein, and legal advice should be sought before taking any actions.

Attract new curlers to your club.

CurlON Business of Curling

CurlON has a program that will sit down with your club and create a professional business plan.  For more information, visit CurlON's website.

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