Mother Nature didn’t stop the curling excitement this time! The second event of the 2018/19 season got underway Saturday, October 6th at the RCMP Curling Club as part of the Moosehead Classic run by Capital Curling.

Teams representing the Navy Curling Club, Buckingham Curling Club, North Grenville Curling Club (Kemptville), Ottawa Curling Club, and Manotick Curling Club hit the ice 8:30 AM Saturday to kickoff the season.

In the first games, Team Winchester (Navy Club) won over Team O’Reilly (Manotick) 8-5. Team Doucette (Kemptville) won over Team Gallinger (Kemptville) 8-5. Team Fleck (Ottawa Club) fell to team Periard (Buckingham) 8-1.

At 4:30 teams hit the ice again for the second draw of the day. Team Winchester took Team Periard right to the brink with a last end, last rock loss 7-6 to Team Periard. Similarly, Team Doucette managed a last rock win over Team O’Reilly 6-5. And Team Fleck was victorious over Team Gallinger 7-3.

Sunday was a single draw at 4:00 in the afternoon. To round out the schedule Team Doucette fell to Team Periard with early handshakes after 4 ends at 7-1. That win put Team Periard straight into the finals with the bye. Team Gallinger took team O’Reilly to an extra-end to notch their first win of the season 7-6. Unfortunately, due to some sad family news, Team Winchester had to forfeit to Team Fleck, putting Team Fleck into the semi-final matchup against Team Doucette, both with 2-1 records.

Play got underway Monday morning at 10:00 sharp with the semi-final game between Fleck and Doucette. It was a seesaw battle with Team Fleck starting the game with hammer grabbing 4 in the first end, then giving it back in the 6th. Final score ended up 9-6 sending Team Doucette into the finals in a rematch with Team Periard from the Sunday matchup.

The Championship game got underway at 1:00PM with Team Doucette and Team Periard exchanging points evenly each end bringing the game tied after 4 ends 3-3. Then Team Doucette exploded for 5 in the 5th to take what looked like a commanding lead. Good thing fans didn’t leave the building at that point because Team Periard stormed back in the 6th to grab 4 making it a one point game with 2 ends to play. Team Periard maintained their momentum taking 2 in the 7th and 1 in the final end to secure the Championship victory and capture the first event of the Colts Season...Congratulations Team Periard from the Buckingham Curling Club. They shared the $300 prize money and kindly bought Team Doucette a much needed beverage after the game!!

A special thank you goes out to John Steski of Capital Curling. John has been a tremendous supporter of our Colts Series hosting our first two events of the 2018/19 season. He ran a fantastic event kindly hosted at the RCMP Curling Club on great ice and everything ran perfectly on time. Fantastic job John and thank you again for your support. Also, congratulations to John’s team who won the Open side of the Moosehead Classic event!