Past Presidents and Chairs

In 2023, the OVCA changed the designation from “President” to “Chair”.

* = Deceased

2023John Shea
2020-22John Tobias
2018-19Al McPhee
2016-17Tom Sinclair
2015Bill Woods
2014Frank Van Ryckeghem
2012-13Elaine Brimicombe
2011-12John Dilabio
2009-10Marian Dupont
2008Logan Atkinson
2006-07 Janet Levere
2005Bill Dickie
2004Cheryl McBain
2003Layne Noble
2002Doug Rath*
2001Ray Dumouchel
2000Neil Dufor
1999Al Haggarty
1998Jim Campbell
1997Gerry Tomalty
1996Cliff Reddick
1995Warren Reddick*
1994Doug Sears *
1993Don Patterson *
1992Blair Rogers*
1991Allan Brunt
1990Joe Potter
1989Locksley Trentholm
1988Gord Creelman *
1987Denny Charlebois *
1986Don Bond *
1985George Wright
1984Al Kelso *
1983W.R. Copping *
1982L.A. Kaeding
1981F.E. Dicola *
1981Roger Wilson
1980D.E. Macdonald *
1979Grover Clare *
1978Keith McLaren *
1977R.T. Kenny
1976A.C. Murchison*
1975Doug Maklem *
1974Bill Whitman *
1973Jim Simpson *
1972Norm Denney *
1971M. Kirkpatrick *
1970E.G. Wimperis *
1969J.M. Cameron *
1968Roy Taylor
1967Keith Scanes *
1966L. H. Nicholson *
1965John Garey *
1964D.E. Lavalley *
1963C.W. Kenny *
1962S.F.M. Wotherspoon *
1961W.F. Burt *
1960Tiny Hermann *
1959C.A.L. Murchison *

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